openMedicine contributes to EU-USA eHealth/ Health IT cooperation

openMedicine is concerned with meeting the cross-border challenge of the univocal identification of medicinal products for human use. When specified in a foreign ePrescription, this can pose a real problem for the dispensing community pharmacist. In its work to elaborate and standardise different “sets of identifying attributes” of a medicinal product for various use cases, the project closely cooperates with both the European Medicines Agency and the USA Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

In this context, openMedicine experts recently participated in the Roadmap Webinar on 'Supporting Transatlantic eHealth/Health IT Innovation Ecosystems.' This new work stream will provide a potential framework for continuing transatlantic cooperation in the openMedicine domain also beyond the end of the project in 2017. When considering the high impact on patient safety, data interoperability and global exchange of patient data which the implementation of openMedicine proposals will generate, this would provide for a perfect context. Concrete proposals were submitted to the Public Stakeholder Consultation on the new Roadmap focusing on such opportunities.

In 2010, an EU-US Memorandum of Understanding on eHealth was signed. It aims to strengthen transatlantic cooperation in eHealth and Health Information Technologies. Over the last two and one-half years a dedicated Roadmap has guided the activities of the collaboration focusing on two priority areas (work streams):

  • Standards Development, with the aim to advance the development and use of internationally recognized standards supporting transnational interoperability of electronic health information and communication technology;
  • Workforce Development, with the aim to develop and expand the skilled Health IT workforce in Europe and the US.

Based upon stakeholder input, a third new work-stream is being launched as part of an updated Roadmap, focused on innovation within the eHealth/Health IT sector. The recording of the online webinar on the new EU-US eHealth/Health IT MoU Roadmap - Work-stream 'Supporting Transatlantic eHealth/Health IT Innovation Ecosystems' is available here.