openMedicine supports strategic priorities in European standardisation policy

The European Commission has recently published its annual Union work programme for European standardisation for 2016.

Therein, a strategic priority field for 2016 is

  • eHealth for supporting patients' rights in cross-border healthcare.

openMedicine activities and standardisation work (in close cooperation with European Medicines Agency – EMA, and the USA Federal Drug Administration – FDA) are closely aligned with this priority.

As the EC points out, European standardisation is the cornerstone of the functioning of the internal market.The positive effects of standardisation are well known and recognised. The Commission set out its strategic vision for European standardisation in the Commission Communication for standards (COM(2011) 311), and the legal framework in the Regulation on European standardisation (REGULATION (EU) No 1025/2012 on European standardisation); it has been enforced since 01 January 2013.

One of the novelties of the Regulation is the obligation for the Commission to adopt an annual Union work programme for European standardisation, identifying strategic priorities for European standardisation reflecting the policy objectives set by the Commission in its own planning.

The annual Union work programme (AUWP) is a tool to improve the cooperation between the Commission and the European standardisation system (ESS) by setting out the Commission's vision and plans for the following year as regards standardisation: actions are proposed to ESS actors in this context.

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